Manuel de Lobos 377
(+598) 452 30759
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3 blocks from the Port, Bus Terminal and Historic District and 2 blocks from Downtown.

Colonia del Sacramento

Founded by Manuel Lobo (Portugal) in 1680 was a comercial and military enclave, wich was protagonist of a historic controversy between Spain and Portugal, (for this reason called The Apple of Discord) subject of wars and teatries during one century. It still conserves a unique urban layout in the regiĆ³n and baluable architectural testimonies of the different periods of this rich past with a simple popular profile. Colonia, has been enlisted in the heritage of the convention concerning the Protection of the natural and cultural Word Heritage. The membership confirms the excepcional cultural and natural values of a universal site, that deserves protection for the benfit of the whole mankind. (Dec. 6th, 1995) .

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